Elements, Wordpress themes with no Elementor


Coming into Elements to use mainly Bootstrapt templates, but noticed all or most of them are for Wordpress. Ok, no problem, lets try with Wordpress, but… all I checked requires Elementor Pro!!!

I want to make simple and fast sites, use Wordpress was not my first idea, but could try, but layer over layer of complexity, and money, for nothing… makes no sense to me.

Are there any themes, kits, templates, anything… don’t require WP and/or Elementor.


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Wrong question, my fault, was looking for Bootstrap 5 themes.

Thanks for sharing.

I remember in 2015 there was a Windows app called New WordPress.com App for Windows. It allowed you to blog WordPress from your desktop computer. However, I’m not sure how it functioned on Windows phones. I work closely with WordPress developers in Los Angeles called prosvit.design, and I asked them this question. They said that the WordPress App for Desktop, created by Automattic, is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution for WordPress blogging web pages.