Elements Wishlist

Share anything you’d like to see on Elements. I’ll start with a few things:

Gamification - badges
This is a huge motivator for many. We have badges for Market; why not Elements?

Some ideas:

Contributor Level:
1: 10 tracks on Elements
2: 50 tracks on Elements
3: 100
4: 200
5: 500
6: 1000
7: 2000
8: 5000 etc

Download Levels:
1: 1,000 total downloads
2: 5,000 total downloads
3: 10,000
4: 50,000
5: 100,000
6: 200,000
7: 500,000
8: 1,000,000
9: 2,000,000
10: 5,000,000

Legendary (like Elite but new):
$200,000 licensed through Elements

Bring trending items to Elements
And a badge for it

Our own profile pages
Even something basic where we can provide a quick description of ourselves and a banner image.

Allow us to have our own thumbnails
The good ol’ 80x80s should do just fine here. In some ways the anonymity is good, but it’s also nice to be able to stand out on our own.


Graphics authors are going to kill me for this :joy:, but here’s a little mockup I threw together for ‘Author Contributor Rank’ and ‘Author Download Rank’ badges.


Once again, better left to skilled artists, but something like this could be cool too:

Nice idea!
It’d be cool if there was a profile page, especially with some basic navigation (e.g. genre, mood).

P. S. I’m looking forward to that Legendary Badge :wink:

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