Elements subscription refund

Ive been charged for a 7 day trial sub as I subscribed! ie not after 7 days…I m requesting a refund of $33…Can Envato respond, because what i can see from the refund process it is opaque, deliberately obfuscatory and fraudulent. I suggest a speedy response Envato before i take this further, it might be a small amount however i see im not the only customer who has complained which compounds the merits of further scrutiny

Hi @Logjammin7,

You are talking about Envato elements subscriptions. As far I can think you didn’t cancel your subscription within your 7 day trial and the subscription renewed after the 7 day trial period end. If you don’t want to continue the subscription then you have to cancel the subscription.

If you didn’t download anything from Envato elements till now then please contact Elements Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help about refund.


i cancelled the “trial” 30 minutes after opening it. I downloaded unlicensed elements which i cannot open and that was before i saw my bank debited with $33. Essentially envato has no recourse here I was within the trial period, envato deducted the fee almost immediately in direct contravention of your terms and i subsequently cancelled my subscription in order to prevent further unauthorized debits. So i suggest sorting this out quickly, prove the company adheres to its own stipulated and legally binding t&c’s and refund the money! Surely potential and current customers don’t want to be reading about duplicitous dealings especially as there are a bunch of other options out there to switch to…

please contact Elements Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help.

Did you have elements before (i.e. did you just sign in when prompted, or did you create an account for the first time?)

The 7 day trial is only available to new customers, so if you already had an account then you would have been taken to the normal subscribe page at full price.


Did you finally get a refund ?