Elements subscription pricing status, coming from €19/month

Hi there,

I’m coming from a $19/month Element subscription and when the option came I upgraded to a yearly payment. I know there were some discussions about the pricing and, let’s call it, misleading information.

So the time has come to renew my yearly payment, but I have no clue where to find information about the current pricing. All I can see on the Elements pricing page is that it starts from $16,50/ month. But what do I get for that money and what else is there? What kind of other pricings are possible and what content comes with that particular subscription?

If I don’t cancel my current yearly plan, I will be charged $228.00. Which is still $19/month. So what’s the difference with the $16,50/month plan? What happens if I downgrade? Will I loose access to some content for example?

I would be really happy if someone could clarify this for me, before I renew/pay/cancel.

Thanks in advance!

The subscriptions are all they same. We have only one subscription package now. Sometimes we will run a promo and that’s why the price may be different.


So $16,5 is the promo price and $19 the regular price?

Aren’t promos required to have dates for when they begin and when they end?

Could you please clarify some more?

Is the $16,50/month based on a monthly or a yearly payment? Is this the regular price or a promotion? And what’s the price difference? Will I keep the $16,50/month pricing forever? I can’t find ANY information on this and Envato is about to charge me $228 with auto renewal, so I really would like to make a well considered decision.

Thank you.

I think you get whatever price they have on promo at the moment of paying for the yearly subscription. If you cancel before autobilling then you could just resubscribe to get the new price.

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Thank you, that’s what I was thinking. The only thing I am still curious about is what the monthly price is, I can’t find this anywhere. This used to be $19 for me, but I don’t know how this changed over time.

The current pricing can be found here - https://elements.envato.com/pricing


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Hi. Sorry, I’m new here and I’m a bit confused. Can you please confirm this? If I subscribe to the annual subscription, would I be paying the 16.50 monthly? Or is it one payment of 198?

@EcoDeLoto: It’s currently $33 paid monthly or $198 paid annually (which comes down to a reduced rate of $16.50 per month).


Hi @Tamaskala.

In general, continuing a subscription will “lock in” the price you initially subscribed at - protecting you from any price increases, as long as you maintain a current subscription. Cancelling and resubscribing later on will mean you pay whatever the new price is, as listed on https://elements.envato.com/pricing

However, if you subscribed this time last year, the current Annual price ($198/year) is slightly lower than you originally paid.

Your annual subscription renewal should automatically update to the current price, saving you an extra $30 for the coming year. That way, you won’t have to cancel and resubscribe in order to access the $198 price point.

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@Tamaskala - I was in the same boat, became an early adopter to lock in the $19/m price before it went up to $29/m. And was locked into the higher price when they actually lowered the price to $16.5/m. I tried taking it with customer service, but they just told me it was a promo - no help. I ended up canceling and then reinstating right away on the account page (https://account.elements.envato.com/account/subscription) and now my upcoming renewal is down to the $198 instead of $228 - so try that. Either way I’m saddened by the way Envato is choosing to treat early adopters. Normally companies reward early adopters by locking in a lower price, not locking in a higher. I expect more from Envato and I imagine (and hope) the leadership does as well.