Elements "search" is horrid

While the content can be great, the search in Elements is quite horrible, often giving results that in no way apply, or find no results when they should.

  • There should be a way to report an image that is wrong and potentially could ruin a design job, such as photos that state they are a specific building and they are not.

  • You should allow member monitors, moderators, and contributors, so part of the community can help improve the tags

  • You should require more tags of content providers, because it appears that much of the poor search results are based on content providers not adding details to their content.

To me, this is hurting everyone, your membership numbers, your content provider sales, designers can’t rely on your content…

Hello, @4mycompany!
It’s very important topic, you can contact Customer Success team with your suggestions -

Hi @4mycompany. Thanks for your feedback! I’ve let the Elements UX team know about it. Accuracy in tags and labels is important, and will only become more so as the Elements library (and the number of authors providing content) grows.