Elements products needs purchase code and you dont give me one

This item in Elements: iBG | 300+ Loop Backgrounds for Premiere Pro by ionestudio on Envato Elements

Use Atom to include the files in Premier, and it needs a purchase code, but in the license you give us in Elements, I don’t see any purchase code, just the license ID, I already try to add that, but doesn’t work.

Where can I get my purchase code to use this?


Envato elements don’t need any purchase code for more information check this

hope helped!

I’d contact the author. While support isn’t included with Elements, the product doesn’t work without a purchase code, so they should help in this instance.


I left a question in their comments, here’s the reply…

Hi! Unfortunately, for Envato Elements customers, the use of the extension is not available. Use backgrounds manually. There is a tutorial for Envato Elements buyers in the “Help” folder To use the extension and receive a purchase code, you need to buy this product on Videohive