Elements is not a ThemeForest subscription.

29$/month for all themes on themeforest?

If you mean elements then not exactly: (Read the details here)

  • WordPress subscriptions will be annual and more expensive

  • It’s only access to those themes listed on elements

  • You don’t get the support/updates etc when using elements that you would otherwise buying the theme the traditional way from Themeforest


if i will pay 29$ per month, can i download unlimited themes from themefores?


The 29$ offer is for https://elements.envato.com/ but this does not include WP themes and is only a selection of files from across the envato marketplaces

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themeforest havent unlimited?

No - you have to buy the ones you want individually

Elements contains some TF files but 1) It’s only emails and HTML NOT WordPress and 2) it’s only some of the files on TF NOT all of them

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S9 I have to pay 29.99 again

So I was thinking that that’s was what I was buying and I need that theme

Well I can’t get it now that was my hole point to coming to the site was to get that them so how much is that theme

There is no theme called “S9” - what is the name of the item you need? If you have seen it already and it is a WP theme then the price should be there because WP themes are not yet listed on Elements. (Read the details here)

Even then what you get from buying items on elements is not as much as buying the item on its own on a specific marketplace e.g. support, updates etc.

What do people think of this service? Is it good value for money?

don’t have access to download wordpress theme after subscription of $228

Elements only covers items for sale on the elements marketplace https://elements.envato.com/wordpress/themes and not the entire WP repository on Themeforest