Elements invitation?

How long i have to wait for elements invitation?
Are they accepting new authors?

I think somewhere stay that it can takes up to 6 weeks.

I have become an author a year ago (ok, I am HTML/WP author) and I have been waiting for 7 months :slight_smile:

Hope someone else can provide you some more info.

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Anyway thanks

But As I see from newcomers thread, there wasn’t any announcements about new contributors for 2 months now. So maybe they’ve slowed down invitation

Yes, that is true. Also, now there are new rules about minimum published items per month (to get bonus) and authors should became more active - this also can slow down new contributors.

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There are definitely new contributors being added all the time - I suspect that there hasn’t been an announcement thread about newly accepted authors as that team (Author Engagement) was flat out wrapping up the Envato Worldwide event series, and they’ve had a few people away since the last of those events finished up :slight_smile:

I also waited for 2 months, but there was no response :sweat_smile:

Good to know) We are so used to this thread that it became lil bit confusing at this point)

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yes same…I also waited for 2 months…still no response…:grinning: