Elements Free Items Promotion - Need to be linked to local user's PC timezone


It is 1300 or 1PM EST (NYC) on 01/31/20 and your links for the Elements Monthly Promos are expired. Despite the fact that your collection link to those items IS STILL ACTIVE.

This is unacceptable from a programming perspective. For a site of your caliber, your engineers should rightly be embarrassed that they can’t bind a promotion conditional to the local user’s timezone. That is programming 101.

I, like others, missed the promos because I expected your site to be coded to common standards! Bummer that I’m paying for a service that is based on the Australian timezone! Disappointing!!!

11 hours left to go in January for ALL US residents! Download links don’t work. Not right.

Here’s a suggestion - make all promo download links available 24 hours into the next month if your engineers haven’t yet learned about timezones.

Just a heads up that those free files of the month have nothing to do with Elements. Those are free to everyone regardless of if you pay for Elements or not.

Also, perhaps the items on that link are updated now, because I’m able to download them for free with no issues.

Those are avalaible now because they are February’s Free file

Right, but I think what they’re saying is that it’s not February for everyone yet (it’s noon on Friday the 31st for me), and the previous items for January are no longer available.

Though to be fair, we had a full month to download those free items.

I am 99% sure that there has to be a universal standard (for promotions as well as countless more serious business considerations). As envato is an Australian company it makes sense that this would be the AU timezones.

Like you, I understand the frustration but regardless of this or how easy it would be to make it available for a little longer, this presents much more serious issues around misrepresentation etc.

Right, I don’t really have an issue with it myself. I know many companies that operate in a similar way.

I just want to emphasis to @RevolutionBlue that they aren’t paying anything to have access to these free items every month. Losing access to them for only a few hours at the end of the month is much better than not getting them at all.

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