Elements Features

It will be great if you add the possibility to add a product to favorites or to make a collection because some times I’m looking for what I need and I make a list after that I download only the one I liked the most.

Also if possible to add a comment section and rating will be great.



I came to the forum to request this feature as well.


And they haven’t reply or added the feature to the site :frowning:

@upadmin A collection / favourites feature is definitely on the way - a lot of the engineering focus is currently on preparing to add new content types to Elements though, so the collections work has been pushed back in the queue.

It’s our most requested site feature, and the UX & design team is currently looking into the best way to make this work for Elements. There’s a finite pool of developers who can build new tools though, and they have a long list of different tasks that they’re working through.

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