elements envato license

If I buy elements envato 1 year
I downloaded 100 photos this year
And use it on my client website

1 year after
Subscription not continued

Can the website of my client continue to be used?



You have to be actively Subscribed to the platform(elements) when the project is going on and completed I.e you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription. The licenses you get for items you download and register from Envato Elements are only valid if you complete your End Products while your subscription is active. Then the license continues for the life of the End Products (even if your subscription ends).


I re-understand…

If platform(elements) expires on August 10
I am currently making a web site (5 pictures used)
I will complete the web site before August 9
5 pictures used on the website
Still have a license after August 11 ?


yes, you will be able to use those 5 pictures on that website after August 10 even your elements subscription expires.