Elements Earning Statements are here!

Today we are excited to announce the arrival of earnings statements for Envato Elements authors.

Earnings statements are downloadable statements outlining all of your Elements earnings for a given earnings period. These statements will allow you to see all Elements earnings including Item Earnings, Content Bonus, Placeit earnings and any incentive earnings earned through things like competitions, promotions (e.g. Triple Rewards) and Content Challenges.

You’ll find your earnings statements within the earnings tab of the Envato Author Dashboard.

First, select the statement you want to download from the drop-down menu and then click Download to generate a PDF.

The earnings statements are split into two separate statements:

  1. Earnings Statement
  2. Incentive Earnings Statement

The earnings statement outlines all ‘standard’ Envato Elements earnings including;

  • Item Earnings
  • Content Bonus Earnings
  • Placeit Earnings

The incentive earnings statement outlines all incentive earnings for a given time period. Incentive earnings are anything above and beyond your standard Envato Elements earnings including but not limited to;

  • Competitions
  • Content Challenges
  • Promotions (e.g. Triple Rewards)

If you’ve not earned any incentives within an earnings period then you will only have one earnings statement.

For more information on how to interpret the earnings statements and FAQs please check out our detailed Help Center article HERE or post in this thread with any questions or feedback.


Hi, @Jimmy_J
Nice Feature, Thanks,
I did receive Bonus payment today, But incentive (Triple Rewards) Statement is not showing up in drop down menu, Can you help me?


Thanks, this is great. :slight_smile:
Is it possible to have the statement calculate the net payout (total less tax withheld)?
and also the complete “net” payout so we can see at a glance are net earnings?


Also waiting for this. Hope it will be available soon.


Hi @StrokeVorkz @secondfalseiteration the incentives statement will be coming out soon (looking like early next week). In the future, this will be tied to the payment processing cycle, we’re just being cautious as we launch to make sure we get it all right the first time.



Thanks for the feedback @AllenGrey, yes we’re looking into that as a priority for future statements :slight_smile:



Got my “Incentive earnings statement”.
Just want to say thank you! It’s really useful information! :+1:

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Finally it’s here :slight_smile: goood

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I also need statements for older payments for my bookkeeper. I saw in my account only the last two months. Will earlier months also be released?

Is there a reason why my January 2022 incentives statement hasn’t changed in the last 5 days? I tried it out and downloaded it on the 21st, and have checked it today and the numbers are exactly the same.

While there is always the possibility that nobody has downloaded any of my eligible items in the last five days, it is slightly strange that I’d get an average of over $5 a day for the first 21 days of January and then get $0 for the next five days. And I can see from my top earning items section that plenty of my eligible items have been downloaded in the last 7 days.


It’s updates monthly. Each month you will get new doc. It’s needed for correct bookkeeping to see earnings before taxes. And it’s not an instrument to show daily updates.

if anyone needs exact numbers for previous months - SOLUTION:

I had the same problem → I needed exact numbers for my accountant (gross / net / ATO tax).

Without statements I could only rely on what was visible author dashboard / earnings (which showed slight discrepancies). So I decided to start calculating the correct amounts on my own.

One thing is 100% SURE - payout amount you received on your paypal / payoneer account. This thing is 100% solid / sure (remember - I am talking about income payment before any fees taken by paypal or payoneer).

Now → you can calculate your tax and gross income relying on this amount and tax % in your case. In my case, the differences between the calculations and the information from the statement were exactly 1 cent (probably due to a different way of rounding the results) - so the method is accurate in my opinion.

Try it using online percentage calculators. Worked for me. I checked my last calculations for November with statement info and as I told you → the difference in gross and in tax amount was 0.01 USD (one cent).

Why I am so confident about this? simple → the money you received on your account are untouchable number - you can see unicorn in Your dashboard - but the sum you got on your account is rock solid and 100% sure - knowing this number and Tax % withheld you can calculate everything you need.

GL :slight_smile: