Elements customers cannot log into twenty 20, but subscriptions are sold with phony claims.

It has been 30 days since I subscribed to Elements Envato, out of those thirty days, not one single day was I able to download one photo from twenty 20. I contacted customer support, they told me for 30 days that they would look into the matter. Nothing happened, no access to twentey 20. I finished getting rebilled an no access yet.
Envato sells subscriptions stating that we get access to all the photos, which has been a lie in my case. How can you have customer support and not resolve the issues. The last thing customer support told me was to contact them after the 1st of January. It is a shame that Envato cannot resolve an issue and grant paying customers access to what they paid for. Not even offered me a compensation for not granting access for something that has been paid for and rebilled now. Sad…!


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


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Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


I have already contacted them, all the month of December I was talking to them, at the end of the month, they told me to submit a new ticket at the begging of January. Well, I have already submitted the ticket and now answer yet, I guess I will go another month trying to get it fixed and Envato will continue charging for something they are not providing.