Elements banners all over the places and can't be closed either.

So this one is new, not only our items pages get hijacked by elements banners but now we can’t even close them.
Good job Envato, if only you would take care of the other marketplaces like you do for Elements!

Right side of the top you will find a close(x) button click there hope will off this elements banner

Take a look in my screenshot, there is no x button. Or if there is, is hidden better than anything else.

Oh boy, i see it now, blended in the background… shame for doing this, you have to make that button visible.

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there is a button(x) may be you can’t see

I can’t see it because is super blended in the background. I eventually saw it. That’s just bad design!

If the close button come with white color then it will be more visible. Current one getting off with background and showing at top right.

That’s my point. I haven’t seen it initially because it’s so blended with the background. This is what made me open this thread.
Make the button white, make it visible. If you have to give me screenshots to show me a button is there, then your UI/UX sucks and has to be improved.

Hope Envato UX team will review the new banner and make it more visible. Thanks for pointing it.

One way of fighting these is to find stuff that’s bothering you in your own work/portfolio :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And I’m not joking at all.

Very irritating and distracting. It makes me want to close the page asap. I thought this kind of ads is already dead

Plus hidden close button that needs an expert developer to find, this is hilarious

what does this even mean?

I had the same problem…LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hi folks,

Thanks for bringing this up. You’re all right, the “hidden” close button is a bad look. I’ve raised it with the responsible team and they’re looking at it right now; I expect a fix will be coming for it today.

This is a design issue, rather than an intentional decision to make the banner un-dismissible.


Hi Ross,

Thanks for the heads up about this design issue. I must say I genuinely did not think this was a design issue because it suited the other issues so well.

Just a little recap of some of the other issues, if you by chance have the opportunity to forward these to the highest ranking decision makers:

  • Massive disrespect issue for every exclusive market author, including Elements authors.

  • Misleading issue for every customer, especially after the name “Envato Elements” were intentionally removed from the banner.

  • A resource issue since all the misled customers have to be dealt with through support and on the forums.

  • Payment/detour issue for every affiliate author—> marketplaces.

  • No incentive for market authors to pay for external advertising to their items issue.

  • More incentive for authors to drive traffic to other marketplaces issue.

  • A shrinking banner removal click area issue (also a sausage finger phone syndrome)

  • And finally a silence treatment issue, since none of these points will be given a direct answer or any answer at all.

As for the animated balloons, all the bitter passive aggressive authors can say what they want but I love them!


And we are on airplane mode again.


When Envato started showing this Element banner, my sales as exclusive author started to drop. This is killing my business

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But Envato says that banner only counts for 0.7%, so are you telling me they don’t tell the truth? :open_mouth:

The banner can be closed but opens again on every new page load? What’s the point of closing it then?