Elements Access and ThemeForest Moodle items

Why do I have to pay for a Moodle theme if I already have an envato elements account? Could you please advise.

Elements subscription is for unlimited items from https://elements.envato.com NOT the main marketpalces e.g. Themeforest

Thanks for that very swift reply. I appreciate that.

Are there membership options for the envato.market?

No unfortuantely not.

Elements does not come with the support or updates that purchases from the main marketplaces do, so it’s a slightly different proposition

Got it. Thanks.

What about concessions for schools for moodle? Is that a consideration? Our school for the deaf, Fulton School for the Deaf, Durban (www,fulton.org.za), South Africa, is in in desperate need of an LMS. The http://school.themecb.com/ options seemed ideal but it is pricey. Thanks for considering.

That’s a question for support Envato Market Help and Support only they would know the answer to that