Elementor Template Kit export errors


I’m trying to export a Template Kit for Elementor and I’ve got a series of errors that I’m not sure how to fix. Here is an example:

" Please remove external URL “…wp-content/plugins/essential-addons-for-elementor-lite/assets/front-end/img/play-icon.png” from the widget in template:…

Does it refer to the YouTube video link? Is it not allowed? Also, I have the same 'play-icon 'error in a template where it’s not a video, only a Load More button.
I use only the recommended plugins and widgets for Elementor.

Any help is welcome,

Can you share the complete statement of one of any error?

Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the late answer.
Here it : " We’ve detected some problems with Templates in this Kit.
Please review the Template Kit guidelines.

  1. Please remove external URL “…wp-content/plugins/essential-addons-for-elementor-lite/assets/front-end/img/play-icon.png” from the widget in template: Homepage Default
    The same for more templates. It looks like it has a problem with the Filterable Gallery Widget. But this widget is an essential part in my project, so I don’t see how I can eliminate it without damaging my whole site.

The kit has been designed while using external url for images. To fix this upload your own images and remove the referring links to the images.

The problem seems to be that play-icon.png which comes from essential-addons assets. This error appears only in the templates where I use the Filterable Gallery widget. The problem is I can’t identify any play-icon.png in those sections, so I don’t really see where the external link is, to eliminate it. Also, I only used my own images and I don’t find any referring link.
I noticed I have 8 errors for each template in which I use the Filterable gallery, and, as I have 8 portfolio items, I concluded the error is at the level of the project items.

The problem clearly comes from the Filterable Gallery. I tried to insert an empty raw gallery widget in a template with no previous issues and it gave me the same error: Please remove external URL “…wp-content/plugins/essential-addons-for-elementor-lite/assets/front-end/img/play-icon.png” from the widget. That ‘external URL’ doesn’t come from my stuff, but from the widget. But I can’t identify it, not even with the code inspector…
Thanks for help!