Elementor Repeator

Have you read this? - ⛔ 📚 🚀 Feature Request: Provide a way to add Nested Repeater controls (Repeater inside a Repeater) · Issue #2955 · elementor/elementor · GitHub
I think it’s currently not possible with Elementor based on the last comment.

You can achieve it with the default list by the way using the Wysiwyg editor, just a little bit of CSS should be enough.

You don’t need to create repeater within repeater. Once you create one section via the widget, the users could add as much as they want - apart from forced 3 row section, they could easily manage how many rows they could use/prefer

Just create something that allows to create this, then they can add more… ( or not )

Yes, I’m using this way.

Thanks a lot for alls responses.

Created like that and I think it is the most suitable way.


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