Elementor form failed to load Audience from Mailchimp

The API key is correct, Mailchimp code pasted in Header, Integration in Settings done.

But the Audience just failed to load properly.

I used to have no issue with the set up until yesterday the form is not working and when I look at it I found out this problem…

Please kindly help~

Thanks very much in advance!

Hi there, did you ever resolve this issue? I’m having the same exact problem and it’s driving me Crazy :’( Everything worked fine yesterday, I didn’t modify anything and it’s no longer working. I’m also getting duplicate email notifications every time someone subscribes… but they aren’t being added to my Mailchimp audience.

I’m having the same problem and its driving me crazy too. Did you guys solve it?

I had the same problem. I got it to work by generating a secondary API key in Mailchimp and used it in Elementor API Key field as a custom API input. The Default one just didn’t work for some reason.

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Thank you, Its worked