Element 3D Relinking Scene Files

Hi guys, I’ve been working for the past few months on my first project and I’ve finally finished it!

Now I’m facing a really stupid problem which I can’t seem to fix easily. I have 40 Element 3D layers. I know that when (if approved) someone downloads my project, Element 3D will prompt them to find the missing files. Yeah, but that seems to work just for one layer. Even though Element 3D seem to remember the newly added path, it doesn’t get updated for the rest and whoever wants to actually use my template, has to manually find all the 40! Element 3D layers and do some tedious “Scene Setup > File\Relink Scene Files > OK”. It almost seems ridiculous. :smiley: Please tell me there’s a workaround for that.


When you relink scene files in E3D v2.2.2 you´ll see this:Relink%20files%20E3D
Here is where customer has to add the specific 3D assets path, and you will explain this in the help file that´s inside the zip with the project folder. So E3D can find all 3D assets using that added path.

Hi, thank you for your reply!

I know about this feature and I’m using it, but as I’ve mentioned, I have to do this 40 times! I have 40 layers with Element 3D and somehow the new path doesn’t get updated for the rest of them.

For sure I don’t want to make the customer search for all of my 40 layers, click on Scene Setup, then File > Relink Scene Files and do this tedious process over and over again. Yeah, the path is there after you first add it, but you still have to go to Scene Setup where Element 3D notifies you that files are missing (even though they now shouldn’t) and still press “OK” to tell Element that the files are actually there. And then repeat again for the next E3D layer. :upside_down_face:

I misunderstood maybe. So what you have is not 40 3D objetcs (obj) to import, you have 40 layers in After Effects timeline that use E3D. Is that correct? If so, you have no other chance but relinking files layer by layer, sorry, cruel reality, E3D works this way. Problem is that´s not very useful for customers to do all that relinking work to get the final project done, not to mention if customer is a beginner, will be lost in so many layers to relink, even using help file you provide

Yeah, that’s a HUGE bottleneck, not sure why Element 3D doesn’t use relative paths instead of absolute. Anyway, I found two solutions that aren’t themselves very good, but: 1. Either move the models inside VC’s folder in Documents or 2. Try some HEX voodoo editing of the .aep file to change the paths all at once. Keep in mind though, the new path needs to have the same number of characters.

This sounds possible I think. Because your 3d models will be in default E3D folder, so it should recognize all together with primitives, starter pack, etc. I never tried that, maybe you could. Anyway you have to explain all this process to customer in help file. What I don´t know is the default format file that E3D uses for 3d models included, and your models should be in that format to be accepted by E3D.
I just checked file format and, for example, primitives are all obj files, but they have an exact duplicated file with extension e3d: sphere.obj and sphere.e3d

I’ve dug around and it looks like .e3d files just contain information about the path of the .obj file (i.e. it says where they’re located), what materials they have and various Element 3D settings also get saved inside.

I’ve just uploaded my first template and hopefully everything is okay. :slight_smile: I made a pretty detailed help file and I think anyone will be able to open it without having any problems. My models are saved in .obj and I believe this is the most widely used type of 3d file.

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Good Luck!:+1:

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