Element 3D (missing files)


I want to sell here a project that use Element 3D and is rejected because of missing files.

We just have to relink the files in the parent directory when Element 3D asking this but it is not accepted by the reviewver .

Do you know the procedure or method to save the project properly? .

Thank you for your help

Fuma Project

I don’t know the process for reviewing, but this is normal procedure for E3D projects.

the one change you could make, is in your docs, create a separate directory for the models, and instruct users how to move the files to their models folder within e3d. the eliminates the missing files that need to be relinked. but it’s the only way I know how. and I purchase e3d projects all the time and almost always use the relink method.

Are you sure it’s not something else? because like I said, most E3D projects here use the relink method. Some authors instruct moving the models but not normally

by the way, to Envato, I for one PREFER relinking the models, because I don’t like clogging up my default directory with extra models. relinking them keeps it much cleaner. Just my view

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Hi, you need to have a folder with your models and description how to relink them. Also if it’s external model used (if you don’t have permission to include it inside the project) you need to write tutorial step by step how to download and implement 3D models inside the Element 3D.

P.S. After Effects has no ability to collect 3D models (for Element 3D), when collecting the main project.

I hope this helps a little bit.


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Lucky you Fuma Project :slight_smile:
I asked the same thing several days ago even a single person has not answered but later I have found it by somewhere

Yes, Miseld was right