Electro festival bundle rejected. Need advices please

Hi guys, I received an hard rejections for an electronic festival bundle (Flyer 4x6, Facebook cover, Instagram/Facebook post.

The model image is my self portrait and it’s not included in the main file.

Could you please tell me wath can I improve on this?:sparkles:


Hey! Poster design looks dirty and u show a lot of colors. You can type in description about color filter. Dont do like that again, just show 3 previews and make sure what ur design is better than now. Change photo or pattern for preview.

Idea is simple - show us that simple! GL

Hi, what you mean exacltly about “dirty”? I can change the photo model for the preview, even if I consider it good enough just for a preview.
So, do you think design is too simple? Just 2 question more about:
Maybe should I type “Electro” instead of “The Code”? And, I used “Hue/saturation” levels for color variations, maybe this this is an issue for Envato standards?
Thanks in advance for reply. :sparkles: