Electric Guitar Tutorial

Hello, who can recommend a tutorial to describe how to make a electric guitar sound? for example: ,Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Pop Kit" by “BlueFoxMusic”. Thanks!

Hey i think they combined between real instrumental sound (kontakt library such as guitarist session strummer ) with synth one (massive, serum banks …)

Of course they’re use original instrument. But I need tips. How it work? how they doing it? I want learn about this all. Thanks! :wink:

Thanks! very useful! :slight_smile:

Basically, it comes down to editing and arrangement.

Two guitars, panned hard left and hard right (or close to it). Very compressed sound so everything is even in volume. Heavy and precise editing (and precise playing) of each beat to remove any unwanted noise and introduce complete silence between the chords.

The editing is probably the most characteristic thing with this particular song. If you would look at the original in a DAW it would be very chopped up.

The guitar sound is clean with a tiny bit of crunch. Most likely single coil pickups (neck pickup), maybe a Stratocaster.

The sound could have been recorded by micing a real amp, or with direct input and an amp simulator in the DAW. Today, you can achieve the same results with both techniques.

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