Ekushey Project Manager CRM by Creative Item Scam / Refund

It appears that this developer makes great looking products that just do not work. Instead of refunding the purchase they make promises to fix the issue, but never do. Even after involving Envato in the request, still no refund for an admitted buggy non working item.
Any suggestions on how to deal with the lack of customer service? I’ve never had an experience so negative in the last few years with Envato / ThemeForest.


Is that item have coding error issue you deserve refund.
Codecanyon Customer Refund Policy

Ask for refund:
New Refund Request

Still any question Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.



Yes, I agree! They just refuse to provide the refund and the item has been taken down from the store. Looking for suggestions on how to move forward from here.


If you go to your refund request page from your envato market acount Refunds page (Tab) there you will see ‘Raise a dispute options’ (after 7 days from the refund request date). you can use that if you think you are eligable to get a refund according to envato Customer Refund Policy. Then Envato customer support team will investigate the refund request eligibility.


If they didn’t fix their item bug then open a Help Ticket and share details/raise a dispute with Envato Support Team they will investigate and help you to get refund.