Either I am wrong or every time the new problem is reviewer


Whether the review is stupid or I have been missing some mistakes in my WordPress theme for four months, every time a new author reviews and tells a new problem. My question is how can envato who is already selling your theme, how can you give it a chance to review it, every man wants that he does not have any competitors! If you think I am wrong, please check the history of my theme review.

I am giving a screen shot along with the reviewer and the problem was in my theme.

A question envato so far that has reviewed my theme and he is already selling his theme at Themeforest, revising his theme with the twist, the next day I will share all the reviewers!

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There are know problems with the WordPress review process, most of requests don’t have any logical sense and generate an incredible waste of time for the author and Envato without add any plus value to the costumers, actually some request has damaged my themes and after months I’m still editing back something to restore my features due to user requests.

Anyway without seeing your theme I can not confirm that’s also your case.

Strange thing is that your reviewers are exactly my ones, but I think the problem are the guidelines followed by all reviewers.

I am sending you a link to your theme please check


Welcome to the club, you’re not the first and I know that you won’t be the last.

Well there’s not really that much point in reviewing any further… if you’ve already found something that is going to result in rejection. Like a nightclub, and you’re wearing the wrong shoes. They’re not going to check your ID, give you a pat down, stick you through some kind of scanner, and then say… sorry, you can’t come in with those shoes on.

The aim for any business is that their processes are as efficient as they can be, and it just wouldn’t be an efficient use of the reviewer’s time to check every single aspect of an item… if an issue was detected early on.

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Good example. Except, there’s only one door that you need to pass. At review process, there’re more. It’s like to hear something when you pass the first door and at the second: " go change your shirt " . Or at third door " You need to have a tie "

At the review process, there should be one door - especially, considering the waiting is around 35 days.


Thats the most fantastic reply i ever saw here

Well that only expands on my reasoning further. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just that it would be pointless reading a 500 page book if there are a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors on the first page, or the front cover is all wrong. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover… but if the cover needs to be right and it’s wrong… then you can judge if a book should be rejected, or whether you should then continue with the next page… purely by it’s cover.

Yeah, it would shave some time off the total review time of an item if everything was reviewed at once. But that’s for an item that will be eventually approved. If something is too far gone, or will never get approved, then you’d just be increasing the review time. It might become more apparent as the review goes on that the item is just not suitable, so that prolonged review time is going to be wasted.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s not all that crazy that you might get a different issue raised after submitting the item again.


I think I could read a 500 page book in 35 days :slight_smile:

That was my point

The problem are not the different reviewers and the new requests for every submission.
The problems are the requests itself.

About 70% of the requests not only are not valid but are also out of any logical human sense.
For example I sent an item A and got 0 soft rejects, WP theme approved immediately. I sent the same item A (only a css files, some content and images was changed), I got 20+ soft rejects for 2 months.

This is only one of the many incredible things that happen everytime but I can tell you many many more.

Yeah, because it takes 35 days for a reviewer to review an item! :smile: