efor help

hello I payed and downloaded the theme efor as I would like to run online courses in qigong. I thought it wold be easy to create as the sample websites look good. yet when I downloaded it seems I have to create all the pages from scratch; are there not templates for the pages etc which are easily edited. I’m not to tech savvy , I’m trying to get my head around Wordpress and element or, is this what is used? I have asked for a refund as I don’t have time to create pages from the start and this theme cost me a lot of money compared to other themes which are ready to use

That theme has one click demo content importing and uses either Learn Press or Tutor LMS - both of which will have course page templates included.

@pixelwars is one of the most respected authors on the marketplace and that theme gets great rating.

As it’s a WP theme it will be necessary to have at least some basic understanding of how that, as well as the page builders and LMS itself works (although there will be documentation that covers the basics).