Efor - Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme crashing

I need some help please.
I have purchased the Efor - Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme.
I bought the installation pack for 50$
I want to use the demo01 frame and content. That is what I keep asking to my installer. But when he installs the plugins, the site crashes.
He says that “The website is returning the error message again when trying to install the plugins, we recommend contact your hosting provider to solve the issue and increase memory and execution limits.”

question: is that normal? should I even worry about this? I am not a technician and I dont even know exactly what that means. Maybe he is not doing the right things?
I end up thinking that this template is not for me. too complex and too technical for me…

It is possible your web host needs to change some settings on their side for the plugins/theme to work properly. This is not unusual – premium themes and plugins often push the default limits of shared web hosting.

I would advise that you follow their instructions and contact your hosting provider. It should be fairly simple to get the issue resolved.

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