Can anyone please tell me how to create something like this in After Effects? is that expression or Script?



let me give you a video

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Hi, it most likely was created with this: https://aescripts.com/pseudo-effect-maker/


Thanks buddy!

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At least in older After Effects versions you get a missing effect error for Pseudo Effects. That’s why I don’t use them.

It is better to use Pseudo technique for your own use not for the market as it has missing issues for different versions of AE.
Also check this

Adobe supports pseudo effects with v12.1 and above. With v12.0 and below giving “Missing” error but working perfectly. If you’ll use with CC 2015 and above versions, there should be no problem.

Also what kind fo customers still sit with CC 2014 or even better CS6 versions? :smiley: According to a competing marketplaces data, most of their customers are on the latest Adobe version apparently. I would like to assume this is same for Envato’s customers too :thinking:

Yes I just tested with CS 5.5 it works perfectly only ‘Missing’ error.

Flex Effector actually works without any pop up window with error. Only text “missing” in effect name is present on old AE versions.
I use those pseudo effects only when there is complex customization, in other situations it’s not very comfortable to setup every time, just for a few controls.

By the way… Wow! You still support CS5.

Every customer who dislikes the subscription system or who has paid for years but just unsubscribed will be stuck with CS6. I am still using CS6 because it was the last solid version Adobe made.

I do admit CC2019 is decent, too.

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