Eduma theme purchase

Good day. I am interested in buying the theme Eduma by thimpress for my wordpress. I wanted to know whether the theme is a single purchase or does it have a yearly or monthly payment for the theme? Thanks


If you purchase the theme from themforest then the theme will be a single purchase for single end product and the license will be validate lifetime. In themeforest there is no yearly or monthly payment systems.


I have read in the theme that a Regular License has this 6 mos. support. If the 6 months has passed, will I have to pay another $69 for it?

with every purchase of any item you will get 6 month free support from the item author. After 6 month if you need any support direct from the theme auhtor then you have to extend the support for the next 6 month and you can extend/renew support anytime will cost a price. if you don’t need support then no need to extened the support.

Ok. So the item is just a 1 time payment. Thanks for the clarification.

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yes, just 1 time payment and you will be able to use 1 license for only one end product as like for a single website. Thanks