Education Pack: Can we check out courses using WooCommerce?

Hi Gang!

I inherited a project where the former website designer bought the $54 Education Pack from @nicdark.
Unfortunately the support has expired and I don’t know her log in to renew it.

My problem is, the Courses checkout only offers paypal as a booking option.
My client wants to purchase courses with Stripe or Woocommerce instead of ‘Booking’ with Paypal – I feel like i’ve tried everything.
Example: [WSET Level 3 Award in Wines – Canberra & Online – Bacchus Academy](https://Website booking learning checkout)

I found another theme by Nic Dark, the Education Learning – HTML. In the demo, the user could ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ - which is great! They could purchase the course as if it were a product. I’m not sure if this is a child theme but it seems to work better than the more expensive version that I have right now.
Is this a good idea for me?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test it out, when I tried to install Education Learning – HTML, the package could not be installed due to missing the style.css stylesheet. Any Advice? I’m truly at the end of my rope with this one


An HTML template would not work as it does not contain the necessary commerce functionality to action the payment (it’s just the layout for it), whereas the WP version does.

The only reason the WordPress version is asking for booking is because it is more advanced and set up dynamically to require user registration, presumably to limit the volume of attendees to the the course on any given date.

The fundamental commerce integration is in place so it wouldn’t be difficult to alter the purchase process to make the courses more “product like” if you remove the registration and booking function, assuming that does not have a negative impact on the process.

To use the HTML template would require you to integrate a commerce script (which is already in place on the WP one) to be able to actually have people complete the purchase journey using the HTML version.


  1. you cannot install HTML templates on WordPress which is why you got the missing stylesheet error.

  2. @nicdark is a power elite and highly respected and experienced author plus this item has a near perfect rating, so you can be very safe on the knowledge that either version is a high quality and well built item.