Education and improving your skills

Hello guys!

How r u improving your music skills?
YouTube, your own experience, practice?



Hey, for me most of my production skills is learning by doing, but I also read or watch tutorials.

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I’ve debated starting up piano lessons again. My ability to write is often limited by my ability to play.

First of all I listen to music and try to recreate those sounds.
Second read books about music theory and music production (mixing\mastering, sound design)
Watch video tutorials.
And most important is to develop inner ear. To hear what you want to achieve and then make it real.
But,practice instrument also very important to generate new ideas)

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Every experience is a priceless gift - the most important thing to write music that you yourself like :city_sunset:

Listen how PROFI sounds and try to make sound similar in matter of audio quality.

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Thank you guys!!!

Yes, like most above:

• Make music. Make music. Make music.
• Compare to released music I like.
• Read/watch/search for information on how to come closer.
• Repeat.

Even if you make music every day it takes years for your ears and brain to adapt and develop so that it’s possible to know what could be improved.

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-Write and produce music every day.
-Teach other passionate people about music. (Unbelievable how much this helps your skills… plus you get paid.)
-Try new styles often and find your weak points.
-Find and hire personal mentors who can help you through your weak points.

And of course, always be listening.