EDM Corporate? It will be sold?

So, guys, what do you think about my new style - EDM Corporate? It will be sold?

Amazing sound!!not really “corporate” though, so maybe the reviewer will put it in the dance category :wink:

Thank, i try ))

I agree with @FASSounds that it’s not corporate sound - it’s dance )

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It’s pop music.:slight_smile:
Or electronica.

Great stuff!! But it pop or house style… I think…))

Thank you! maybe better without palm mute guitar?

You’re right, probably

The palm mute guitar seems fine, fits in there quite well I guess.

I don’t think this would work with most corporations, maybe the corporation that manufactures glow sticks? :smiley:


Good idea! Thank you!

Dance Sound :dancers:


Just Great :thumbsup: I think muted guitar playing well :slight_smile:

Thank you! But I still doubt ))