Editing Flyers


Ok I am new to this flyer creating/editing world and most of you might find my question stupid but I purchased several flyer templates from graphicriver assuming I just download, personalize info on the flyer, save and done!! Boy was I wrong! Anyways, I am having trouble figuring out how to edit them. Which software do you recommend I use and what are the steps in editing the verbiage in these flyer templates. Thanks!


Go to the pages of those items you have purchased and look in the info. There you will find the information about the software needed to edit them. Most of the flyers here are made with Photoshop only so I’ll probably make a guess here and will say that you’ll probably need Photoshop to edit them.


As Raincutter said, you need Photoshop: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html


hi sadowskai,

Welcome to Graphicriver world, as Raincutter said you need to look in the item info witch software need to edit. I think there not a 3th software needed than PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR that you can download or purchase from Adobe website.

Good luck;