Editing code of WP theme

Hello all,

I have two questions regarding work with Wordpress. I am not programmist altought i’m able to edit the code with help of some tutorials or write some simple. I’m a beginner into WP.

It is not the most important here but already i’m operating with Classiera theme.

First question is about editing a code - which is the best way to edit from hand the code of WP theme if i’m going to add some function? In the Apperance -> Editor i know that it can be done but if its right way?

Second question - i have an trouble with editing submitting ad feature - while user submitting add he can only attache image - could you advice what i should change in system to allow user to attach any file (ex. .stl , .obj)

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.
I think your item author can help you.

How to contact any Item Author from Here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here



it is not a good practice that you will use Apperance => Editor to edit/update any code. This process can cause accidental damage. to attach any file you have to customize. please contact Author for getting more information about your concern.