Edit "VAT" and "Company nr" bug in "personal information" tab from settings?

Hi there,

There is a bug in “personal information” form - settings section.

It says "If you’d like to update your billing details, please re-submit your tax information. "

Previously we had the VAT entered in this form. But once submited the tax information, this VAT and Company number disapeared from the “Personal information” form.

And if you try to add them again, you can’t. To resubmit the tax info, you don’t have a VAT section there.

So anyone from Envato can let developers know about that ?

Did someone else see this too?


Yeah, I noticed the same thing one or two weeks ago.
I asked to the help center and they told me that they don’t need our VAT because they are going to apply theirs or the client’s vat (I sincerely don’t remember which one is used).

They only need VAT if you want to purchase, but they don’t require it anymore for sales.
Anyway, because I’m not interested to purchase anything at the moment, I didn’t dug too much into this argument, so I can’t really help to definite it for purchases.

Hi @sindevo, this was caused by the billing details restraint we introduced a couple of weeks back (read announcement). As clarified by @Danga12 in his response to someone who raised a similar question in that thread, this is a known issue that is being worked on and will hopefully be fixed in the next week or so. Hope this helps!