Edit the audio (improve the mix) / change the category of an already accepted track?

Hello all,

I am listening to one of my tracks, and I am finding my kick lacks low end… and I check my source file… for some reason I had a hipass set at 130Hz!! No wonder the kick was too thin!

Now, this track sold four times already (which is a good score for me, don’t laugh :slight_smile: ), but nevertheless I think I would really like to fix this hipass problem on the kick.
This means re-uploading, but I am wondering if there is a special process when you upload a slightly improved version of a track… I guess it is reviewed again, but is there a risk of rejection for instance?
I would hate it if it happened… I just want to fix a tiny error I made…

Thanks for your answers,

Hi @frozenjazz. I think you can do that, only provide description what have you changed.

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I was writing the same, but @RainyAudio was faster than me. :slight_smile:

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Only for a second :smile:

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Thanks - that was a blazing quick answer!
Now, seeing that I guess I was happy with my track… and that it sold 4 times… maybe I should wait a bit before applying this change… maybe I added this hipass for a reason …

I have another question, somehow related… I checked and it seems you can change nearly everything and submit again… but… if I want to change the genre category, I did not find how to do it…

There are songs where I am a bit torn between “hip hop” and “lounge”, and there is one where I have the feeling I have made the wrong choice, but I don’t know where to change this.

BTW I woulld be happy to ask you guys for a feedback concerning this genre, but I don’t know if I can refer to one of my tracks (except in the “last sold” and “last approved” threads?), I don’t want to be accused of self promotion here…

Hi @frozenjazz, it happened to me too. I upload a track and only after it was accepted I realised that my mix was not as I wanted to be. I just fixed the issue in the mix and then go to that track in my audiojungle portfolio and in edit I re-upload all files again including the preview file and gave the reason to the reviewer why I’m editing my track.
Usually it takes less than 1 day to be reviewed and usually accepted.
I think you can’t change the category of the track but maybe updating the track mix itself is a good idea as we sometimes upload tracks as soon as we get them done without earing with fresh ears in the day after or week later or so.

Thanks! I usually listen a lot to my track before uploading it, but… I listen to this one only, bad idea :slight_smile:

Yes, for the category, I have seen on other marketplaces on Envato that people were asking the same question, and the answer is: contact the support. You cannot change the category.