Edit link not working



I got a soft rejection, because my watermark was heared too often. In the email i got the link where i could resubmit the file with fixed watermark. But the link is broken, it gives me 404 page and i don’t find where can i resubmit the track with fixed watermark intervals. Can smb take a look at this case?

Again, support is not helpful at all cuz i got a standard email reply stating that they can not help on rejections. But the problem is that the rejection is not a big fault of mine, but the problem is a broken link. 404.


Check under the Hidden items tab on your dashboard.


Hi Hyperprod. Thanks for fast reply. I can see the file under a hidden tab, but i don’t see edit link anywhere… I mean there is no edit link…:frowning:


Press the title of your item and the item page will open. From there you should be able to edit.


That is the problem. There is no edit tab… i attach the sreen shot.


Thats strange. Maybe someone else will chime in. You could try another browser but I doubt that’s the problem here.


No problem. Thanks Hyperprod for your help :wink:


It may be a bug but you can just add /edit link to the item URL