Edit a wordpress template with Wordpress


I am new to web design and I want to start creating some basic websites for some local clients.

After some research I think that the easiest way to start and learn the basics is to use Wordpress and elementor.

I don’t want to use builders like Wix and Squarespace, because they tend to get expensive, especially for low paying projects.

My first question is;
Can I edit a Wordpress template with elementor?

And my second one;
Would you suggest another way to get started and create my first websites?


if you are using a theme which are compatible with elementor then you can do it.
you can check these elementor compatible themes:

Also you can use left sidebar search filter to sorting the theme for your requirements.

Another thing you can go with WPBakery Page Builder to edit your website. check left sidebar Compatible With filter secton.


@mgscoder‘s advice to search for these BUT if you are new to building website and still planning on charging people for this service then there are some other important considerations:

  1. you should ALWAYS get the client to buy the item NOT you. Otherwise it’s complicated to ensure that they get the support, licenses and updates that they should in the future

  2. you need to be 110% clear with the clients that you are using a template theme that you did not build from scratch. Otherwise if the author abandons the item and there are bugs or updates you can’t fix, or they want features or functionality that is not included then you don’t look stupid or worse, that you had misled them