eCommerce website builder vs customized platform

I want to start my online business so should I go for eCommerce website builders or should opt custom based online store.

I want t to be done quickly and want to get a mobile application for my store too. What do you guys suggest?

You can start to choose WP-theme and add wocommerce to it .

You can select my theme with more cool feature for ecommerce store

Thanks, brilliance. However, I believe that this one involves technical expertise. I want such a platform that should be simple and smooth. Moreover, catering my future needs, I want to get a mobile application and I am afraid that WordPress and WooCommerce aren’t offering this.

There are no option for mobile app and desktop,it can be made as browser
application which can be responsive.
Mobile application should be developed seperately.

I see that an eCommerce platform claims. Even one of my friend got one for him and just want to make sure if I should give them try as well or not? As they are not taking anything from me. I am non-technical and not very much into these things. Can you check that for me please?

which platform is it ?can you send me link?

I am afraid sharing link may put me ban or hurt my profile. Since I am new to this so not sure whether it is fine to share the links or not. So I will use brackets so to avoid hyperlinking.

Can you take a look at this for me please?

I have taken a look into and this will not have complete control for your future changes.

Can you please let me know that how will it resttrict me. As I can see that I can add and delete products. Change themes too.

Compared to woocommerce it has less feautures and not easily customizable.

Thanks brilliance but WooCommerce isn’t easy for a common user or is it? As I am non-technical, how do I do customization in it? Secondly, will they offer me mobile application for my store?

There is no mobile app by woo commerce.
You can use woocommerce, it’s not so difficult to use.A lot of nontechies are using it already.