eCommerce Shop

Hello all,

I was Looking through the eCommerce Templates and I found a couple of nice designs. Sadly I didn’t find something that matches my “needs” to implement my products.

I want to open a Shop for Car Tuning Parts. In English and German language, later on would be nice to add 1-2 additional languages.

I’m looking for a shop where my clients have 2 options to search for their products and at the same time it shouldn’t be 2 databases but 1.

  1. by category, for example: Exhaust System, then he has to chose his Brand and Model, after that he gets all products displayed

  2. by his car, for example: He owns an Mercedes, he will chose his Model, after that he gets all categories displayed which are available

Is there any Template available which supports that? Or someone can help me out?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best Regards
Thomas Kelessis