ecommerce plugins for countries with no online paiment ?

Hi i am building a multivendor website

Sorry in what country are you living that you dont have any online payment? So no one in your country is not accept credit cards?

But how are you going to buy the WordPress theme and/or plugins if there is no online payment in your country?

But regarding your question:
if you choose a theme or plugin with WooCommerce support,
then Core WooCommerce options include both Check Payments and Cash on Delivery.
Title (name), description and instructions of the payment options can be easily renamed.

hi sorry i just read your message today , i mean that we can buy theme and some stuff we it is with foreign currency like dollars or euro but online with the local currency 'dinars, it is a bit complicate , i am creating a web site to provide service for vendor and individual who want sell stuff , there are some web site who do the same , you can visite the must popular wedsite right now,


You can use WooCommerce without online payment and without credit card payments.
Both Check Payments and Cash on Delivery are supported by default.
This means, that any Directory Listing WordPress Theme with WooCommerce will do for you.

This is there by default,so you need not use any plugin.

you can use woocommerce or magento