Easy way to find music from projects?

Greetings! Is there an easy way to find music from video template projects when the creator doesn’t list the title? Im looking for this one at momwnt, Video Maker Opener by joebakal on Envato Elements but I run into this issue a lot.



Hi, usually you can find it in the project’s market page Video Maker Opener by joebakal | VideoHive
Here is the audio
High-tech EDM Logo Pack by Pow-Wow | AudioJungle

According to Envato’s rules and policies, you should not run into this issue at all. The video template authors have an obligation to properly credit the music they use. It’s such a shame that so many of them simply don’t do it at all on Elements.

@Pow-Wow do you know that elite author @joebakal is using your music on Elements without crediting you at all? This is in direct violation of Envato’s rules and is thus voiding the tacit agreement you guys made under those rules.

We communicate with the authors of music, advertise each other.

It doesn’t change the fact that crediting the music is mandatory, even on Elements (obviously!). Not doing so is a violation of Envato’s rules as well as of the implied agreement you have with the author. Please amend.