Easy Video Player customization need a freelancer

Hi I have created my own plugin and in the post i will add video shortcode from Easy video Player that I bought from Codecanyon it has popup ad and video commercial and it works great b

what I want to add in this plugin is global playlist for video and popup ad with start time and end time.
[fwdevp “video url” video commercial “url to the video commercial” time “start” “end” popupad “url to the video commercial” time “start” “end”]

what I want is this is global list with time
[fwdevp “i add source to selfhosted url different video for each post” video commercial “yes” popupad “yes”]

this way i can just build in the backend commercial playlist to all my 2000 post, otherwise i have to change 2000 post for every commercial change this is will be painful :smile:

If the budget is right I can pay