Easy tap to win HTML5 Game

Hello, i’m looking for an Easy “Tap to win” Html5 game customizable.

Eg. For Xmas:
Three gift box that can contain 3 prize, 5%, 10%, 0%. User can click or tap on one box gift and it reveal the content.
It’s important that:

  1. prize inside gift box is random so one time 10% is on the first gift box, and second time can be on the last gift box and so on…
  2. code track IP and avoid user to replay the game immediately but only after 1 hours.

This is an axample for xmas, but i want something that I can customize easily:
Background customizable
Gift box image customizable (eg I can upload also an image of baloon instead of gift box
Prizes for box customizzable with any image or text
Easy embed on any website

There was something ready to work like I said on the envato market? I can provide the PSD file if someone want to work on it.


It calls “custom job” and are you interested in?

I’m looking for something similar ready to work, but obviously if someone are able to work on it I’m ready to discuss about it. What your problem about: I can provide PSD, I work in this field and to make easy and smart work I can collaborate to the custom work .:slight_smile:

Would you mind to send me an email to discuss the details?