Easy Social Share Buttons purchase - can I download again

Several years ago, I purchased a license to use Easy Social Share Buttons on Wordpress. I recently went through a website migration and went through a bumpy time, which led to my “losing some things along the way”. I no longer have access to the plugin. For my new website, I’m able to download another Easy Social Share Buttons plugin zip file from the Code Canyon website after I log in, but when I try to upload the zip file to my Wordpress site, it won’t work. I’m afraid that because I used the license once on my last webstie that I’m no longer able to access the plugin again. Does anyone know if this is true? Is there any way I can get around this issue, and successfully restore the Easy Social Share buttons plugin by downloading it from Code Canyon? Thanks.


Please download your purchased theme from your Dashboard Download tab. Go to Downloads and download from there (Assuming you are loggedin in envato market).

About license if you have already register the license for your old website then for using the plugin for another website you must have to unregister the license from there then have to register for new website. If you need support from the plugin author then you can get in touch with them.



You probably download the full installation package of plugin. In this case the file contains not just the plugin, but also additional components like documentation, license, plugin FTP and WordPress versions and etc. Probably the video here will help https://docs.socialsharingplugin.com/knowledgebase/download-install-easy-social-share-buttons-wordpress/

In case you need help with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can refer to our support system https://support.creoworx.com

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