EastWest Composer Cloud

Hey producer mates,

I wonder if anyone of you uses the EastWest Composer Cloud !?
Since I am familiar with the products of course, this cloud based, monthly subscription was new to me, even though they seem to be started 1,5 years ago. Do you think it is worth the 30$ per month?

  • Instant access to the entire EastWest ComposerCloud Gold collection of 10,000+ virtual instruments and counting.

  • Automatic access to all future ComposerCloud Gold products, including exclusive content.

  • Products previously priced at over $12,500 now available for a fraction of the cost.

I would like to hear your oppinions about that. Do you think this could become a real game changer? Interesting thing in my eyes…

Adobe is doing a similar thing with its software, it depends on the frequency you want to use its software and its instruments. Are you going to make use of all its instruments in a temporary time? Or do you just want one or two instruments? it’s really only a game changer if you want to harness a wide variety of instruments for a low budget, because no matter what there will always be a finite amount of time where the total cost you spend on these monthly fees will outweigh the cost of simply buying the software.

I’m giving it a go, it’s absolutely huge! It’s stimulating more creativity for me, and I will see how I go with it. So far so good! Now I just need to increase my RAM!

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Same here, will try this and ordered one more 8gb, to be on the safe side :grinning:

I’m using EastWest Composer Cloud, it has some great sounds and they have improved the PLAY sampler, other libraries have better and more modern instruments, but EastWest has a great variety of instruments…

This track is made entirely with EastWest Composer Cloud https://audiojungle.net/item/asian-ambient/18048394

I might try it myself actually, I find myself in need of a lot of instruments :slight_smile:

I had the CC for a year and I do think it’s good value for money. However I no longer am subscribed