Ease and Wizz

Hi guys, so I briefly searched forum for answer but could not find exact one, so I need some help to figure this thing out.

Got myself Ease and Wizz script and thinking about making new template using it so the question is this:

  1. If I use it should I convert expression to keyframes or I can left it as expression and it will work for anyone who don’t have this script installed?
  2. If I left it as an expression, should I add some info about script or give link to it or name author of the script anywhere in description or help file?
  3. Can I even use it for creating template (move things in it more nice)?

Thanks for help!

If you’re using another marketplace item as a basis for one of your own items, then you need an extended license and permission for the author. It also needs to be suitably different from the existing item, you can’t just make a few changes and improvements and repackage it as something new. Ideally it needs to be a small part of something bigger.

Ease and Wizz is script from aescripts and I use it to animate paths in opener template. So I guess your answer is not relevant for this occasion, but thanks.

Ah yes, I know the one. Sorry… just assumed it was a marketplace item for some reason. But anyway, in that case… it depends on the license of the script in question, so that would be the best place to start.

Is there anyone using Ease and Wizz for their templates?

If you think is going to bring value to your theme then use it, don’t ask.

As @SpaceStockFootage said, it needs to be a small part from your script. So if you are building a theme and you build a custom slider and you use the script for slider, is not going to be any problem

But if you want to create a similar item then is not going to work. Also keep in mind that you need extended license and maybe author permission, ask the author before you buy!