Earth Map Connection not compatible with my version AE CS 5.5 on macOs 10.13.4



I just bought Earth Map Connection v 2.1 and I have several problems with the opening of the project:

  • converting the project from an earlier version on Win10 64-bit
  • one font missing
  • unable to enlarge the script window

Can you help me please ?

Thank you



  1. You’ll always get that message if if the project file was created in a different version of After Effects than the one you’re using to open it. As long as the project opens then it makes no difference.

  2. Just install the Montserrat Font and the next time you open the project you won’t get that message. It might be a free font… if it’s not and you don’t want to pay for it, just use any font.

  3. Contact the author of the item… they should be able to advise.