Earnings Report discussion (September 2021)

Ultimately, my July became equal to June, the overall decline in earnings this year began in April and gradually decreased by 25% … Hope August will be better :slight_smile:

You have a small number of items (and probably the small income) on the Elements and there is a big chance to get “best month ever” anytime - I mean it is not directly related with number of downloads/customers for that month.

Why? We all know how earnings from items are calculated and for example you can get some month for few items to have 5x or 10x or 20x more income then usual and that will be your best month (often I have an item who earns me $10 one month and next month less then $2).

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Ok. I was just saying that this month on Elements is my best since I joined. Despite all the calculations, I know that the more items you have the more earnings you will get, always when you upload frecuently you have more chances of better sales/earnings because you have more exposure this way. All the rest of the market is a bit unpredictable.


The earnings page has started to update, check it …


in fact, it might not be the best time to check it out…


Im afraid to check it…

PS; And i was right, depressing…

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nevertheless, the process has begun, changes are coming, you have nothing to fear, sooner or later you will have to do it … :slight_smile:

Now I will make your depression worse…look at this and read it carefully :point_down:

Wow!!! What a great start of the month :grin: :crazy_face: how do you feel now :rofl:


very good start


Good Start for me too :grin:

I remembered one silly tradition, that we used to follow…


Sometimes silence speaks louder than words :sweat_smile:


Last month was the best I ever had. But suddenly August is going bad so far. Let’s hope for the best for the next 12 days left :pray:


Hey guys! Is there an August drop of earnings or is it just me? Noticed that august is ~25% worse than july

Hey! I also have a drop of earnings in August. My drop is ~13% worse than July.

Hi @kornevmusic and @AudioEarth; sadly we entered the elements party a little late.
The good days are far away, earnings have been falling since a couple of months after I entered.
And have the understanding that the same happened to several audio frens.

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Another here!


Same Here. This month started high but on the middle of it became low.

let’s hope that this is due to vacation period and etc.


The average ratio to date (earnings for today / days) has dropped by 5% compared to July. I hope everything will return to normal in September …