Earnings Report Discussion (November 2021)

If so, I can see why you react this way on this topic. In short: everything is OK, report will be soon maybe today, maybe later. The only thing you can really start to worry about is if payments won’t be processed. But this has never happened.


Again and again and again…

The report is not available at the time. You guys are calculating manually. Our earnings are going down day by day. Is this calculation are correct?



The only thing we should worry is the income down month by month :frowning:

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Not for everyone, though



Maybe, just maybe the problem lies not on Envato?


Still no update → so what? Do I panic?

NO! - I’m here too long to panic :slight_smile:

Report update is on it’s way - that’s for sure.

Patience - people. :slight_smile:

About earnings - >my last month report was pretty good.


there is a difference between new authors and old. when i’ve came to elements i’ve upload 100+ items during a few month and it was like rise of income 2x-3x month by month almost a year. but this is not real rise. now, when i’m uploading several items in a month there is huge drop. old authors can not upload 100 items per month like new author. problem is hundreds of new authors that came to 3x income bonus =) and this can not be fixed. elements is temporary business solution - if you have rise now, next year you will get a drop.

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Why do you think he is a new author?)
He is on EE from 2019, if I recall correctly

im talking about statistics. there is exceptions. also, as an example, i know “authors” who buy templates directly from authors instead of create own and as the result upload new items every day =) maybe it’s ok for market politics but not fair in my opinion so i do not work in this way and i think that this “kills” authors who create own product

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It’s not OK

It’s not OK in general, but in reality of past months it is what it is. Anyway it was mentioned that future reports would be updated properly, without delays.

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If you know such cases - better report them. It is in our interest as well

Report seems to be updating right now

Anyone have statistics for October?

Graphic Template authors said that October report started to update


Very funny to hear that.

And on EE I’m from the beginning:

And you may also check that I do not produce 100 items per year. To be exact I made 21 items since January 2020. And normally I add 1 item to EE every 5 weeks.
So find another excuse or explanation.

But the numbers depressing. May be it’s initial numbers. I can’t see any downloads, only content bonus

Wait at least couple of hours, it isn’t fully updated. And if you are new EE author - you will get ± proper report on your 3rd month

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I know, thanks for help.

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