Earnings Report Discussion (November 2021)

The daily earnings calculation starts at 12pm each day, so it’s currently underway - when we have a backlog of several days of usage and item earnings data to process, it can run for several hours.

I haven’t heard of any delays from that team, but I’ll update this thread if we expect the dashboard to take longer to update.


I cant see “October” in drop down menu of my https://elements-contributors.envato.com/ account and all October data in Sign In | Envato Account also included only Markets sales on corresponding days, no Elements data, looks weird

That’s slightly different to the start-of-month delay mentioned in this thread, and it’s caused by the way that Subscriber Share revenue is calculated for Elements - there’s a detailed breakdown of that process here.

In the November earnings payout, you’ll see item usage earnings from Elements subscriptions that started between September 1st and September 30th. We need to see all item usage (licences/downloads) from those users, in order to divide their subscription revenue between the relevant authors.

e.g. Customer A started their subscription on September 1st. By October 1st (one month after they started), we know all the details of what they have licensed.

Customer B started a subscription on September 25th. We won’t know all the items they have licensed in their first month until one month later, on October 25th.

Subscriber Share calculations require data on all downloads from every user who started a subscription that month, and each user has their own revenue period (one month from their starting date). That’s the reason why daily earnings data shown at https://author.envato.com/reports has a 33-day delay, as we need all subscriptions started in that period to complete a full month before we know the total value of those licenses.


I read all FAQ and what i see there - " When will my first day of earnings become available?

We aim to publish your first earnings amount by the 6th business day of the month . Before this time, the month will not be available in the drop down menu on your earnings report. For example, for the June earnings month, you will be able to select June on your earnings report after the 6th business day of July. This initial calculation will cover the first week of June." It is way more than 6 of November and no updates. Last month it began updating on 6 days. This month is delay. Let’s see, thanks for clarification

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it’s okay if there is a slight delay in updating the earnings data… as long as the information or clarification goes well … thanks @BenLeong … I really appreciate the hard work of all the Envato team

To be fair… today is ‘after the 6th business day’. Yesterday wasn’t.

Funny) Do you think that financial team sitting relaxed, do nothing, and just waiting until somebody will write in this thread in order to start the job? First of all, Ben wrote earlier about what they do. Second, the delay (if it will be) starts from today (6 business days).

The only sense to write about report, when it goes unusual, or delay in the middle of the month for example.



I am asked about unusual delay, not about your creativity in personal attacks, that you expressed here. Peace. Nothing funny here when you unable to see what’s happening with your sales. But Ben explained delay. So nothing funny here.

You were told, that unusual delay will be tomorrow, if any)

PS: Just a little sarcasm, no attacks, sorry))

@BenLeong do you have any time frame about the report ,since we’re well passed above the time you’ve mentioned earlier?


Yep. No info yet


Such a big company which works with huge success for years and can not deliver a report on time? I really can not get this, sorry. Elements is here for several years and we still have troubles with report timing. And always there are some “days missing” (ok, the previous month/report was the only one with 0 days delay).

At the moment we have delay of 33 days in report, right? If you need each month more time to generate that report then why you don’t take extra few days and from now on we have lets say 40 days delay but to be constant 40 days. That will mean, only this month we will wait 7 days longer and after that the report will be each month on the same day.

Or return the old way - the report is once a month (and not this which we have now - it will be today or maybe in 2-3 days).


I would write something if it had any impact… Sales dropped horribly and everybody witness it, yet no explanation so far…


Technically, 30 days from overall number isn’t delay. As to get data from last day of the month system should wait 30 days to close subscription period. And after that total calculations start. But anyway Ben has stated that new flawless system is coming and there won’t be any delays in report. We’ll see

Yes, I agree. That mean that they have 2-3 days to generate report and obvious that can not be done (with the current system) and that is the reason why I have suggested to take extra 7 days - for that part.

Hope there will be improvements with a new system because we are stuck with the current one for long time.

What are you talking about? We still have low resolution icons (80x80) on Market, that looks horrible on high dpi monitors. The same thing with many other images. When you open any video item on EE you will see blurry pixels. :nauseated_face:


Still having fun?

You are quite new here on Elements, aren’t you?)


Yes, there are a lot of areas which can and must be improved (uploading form for new item on Markets, removing “dead” items from market/Elements, putting the items in the right category on Elements, and many more).

But they are success as company - number of customers is growing and total earnings (that is what they say in annual report which should be soon) and all that mean that they are still doing good job on “backend” - security, marketing, etc… But Elements month report on time? That is some other story :smiley:

And so what?